Slàinteach teas are hand-blended, organically sourced, native medicinal herbs of the Scottish highlands. At the heart of everything we do is a respect for tradition and the natural world around us. Each blend has been created deep in the highlands of Scotland by a medical herbalist, inspired by the indigenous use of wild-plants as beverages for wellbeing. It is our hope to inspire a revolution among tea-drinkers, and to spark the revival of using native wild herbs as beverages, which played a vital part in supporting the health & wellbeing of our ancestors.  


With every cup of our tea, we hope to demonstrate an ethical and more sustainable way of life.  We hope you will join us in our quest, not only to drink better tea, but to make the world a better place by doing so. 


Claire @ Slàinteach

Breagha (Beauty tea)

  • Beauty comes from within- we all know that! That's why this nourishing blend of traditional herbs help to give you a radiant glow, by supporting and nourishing your body in a holistic way.  The effects of dandelion and burdock as detoxifiers are well known in tradition, and help to support the liver and kidneys.  Nettle is full of minerals, and iron and is nourishing to hair, skin and nails due to silica content.  Rosehip is a nutritious source of vitamin C and also helps the body to produce collagen, which gives the skin elasticity.  Red clover has been used traditionally to help with skin complaints related to hormonal disruption and is said to balance the hormones.  All these ingredients blend beautifully together and are delicately combined with red rose petals for a fragrant brew, that not only looks beautiful, but smells beautiful too.  Breagha makes for a beautiful cuppa, (and is suitable for both men and woman- being a unisex word in Gaelic, meaning both handsome and beautiful!)

From the beginning in 2004 I have always tried to offer Eco-friendly clothing and crafts from ethical sources. I wanted to share something unique for your wardrobe or home, something worth keeping, and products that will not damage the planet. Though this has not always been easy I am constantly working towards this goal. I am now happy to offer some of our best sellers in our online shop.

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