linen, natural linen, natural flax, flax


  • 100 % natural Lithuanian linen. 
  • It has two huge pockets on each side. 
  • It gets better with every wash and age.



• Two pockets on each side divided into into two (so totally 4 pockets (two appear in the front, two in the back).
• Made from Oeko-Tex certified 100 % European linen fabric which guarantees you that it meets human - ecological requirements. The linen fabric is of medium weight (185 g).
• simply finished, has natural wrinkles and fades, born in the process of washing;


• Petite ( XXS, XS, S is also a slightly shorter length)
- Length: about 100 cm.
- Width: about 100 cm.

• Regular (S - M, M, L)
- Length: about 106 cm.
- Width: about 108 - 110 cm.

• Extra large ( XL, XXL gives more cover at the back)
- Length: about 106 cm.
- Width: about 122 cm.


• machine wash gentle.
• dry gently.
• we embrace the wrinkles and do not suggest to iron your garment, but if you still prefer it - iron on reverse at medium high.

Linen apron dress