Orange Tagua Brooch

  • Tagua is the seed from the palm tree which grows in the Andean region of Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Perú, and Brasil. It is also called the vegetable ivory or palm ivory due to its natural colour and elephant ivory-like properties. The tissue inside the seeds becomes very hard after a long period of drying and then used to carve and make a wide variety of crafts such as bagpipes, decorative crafts and jewellery.

    It is also sustainable, fosters economy in the Andean region of South America and helps prevent the elephant ivory trade. Oh, and it looks great on a jacket or a coat!

    As they are all hand made, The brooches may show signs of imperfection.

From the beginning in 2004 I have always tried to offer Eco-friendly clothing and crafts from ethical sources. I wanted to share something unique for your wardrobe or home, something worth keeping, and products that will not damage the planet. Though this has not always been easy I am constantly working towards this goal. I am now happy to offer some of our best sellers in our online shop.

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